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Fujikura FSM-11 SpliceMate Fusion Splicers

The FSM-11 SpliceMate is an exceptionally portable fusion splicer, designed to meet the challenges posed by today's fiber networks. Until the introduction of the Fujikura 12S, it held the title as the world's smallest portable fusion splicer. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the SpliceMate's small size and light weight make it an excellent choice when working in challenging environments. The SpliceMate's advanced intelligence features include dual-camera fiber inspection to insure the splice is right and auto arc calibration which is an industry first. It's simple to operate and quickly makes low loss splices with all common types of optical fibers up to 4-fiber ribbons. The SpliceMate is available with a variety of powering options including a battery pack and adapters to work with AC or DC power sources.

The FSM-11 SpliceMate is available in three versions: the FSM-11S single fiber splicer, the FSM-11R 4-fiber ribbon splicer and the FSM-11R D900.

The SpliceMate D900 has a unique design that significantly improves installation and repair operations for any 900µm application. Ideally suited for tactical fiber optic cable assemblies' (TFOCA) repair needs, the D900 is the industry-standard for simultaneously splicing two 900µm optical fibers. Its user-friendly graphical interface and automated features make it suitable for those with limited splicing experience. A workstation, specifically designed for the SpliceMate, is available for simplified splicing in the field. No matter where you're splicing the SpliceMate is the perfect splicer to have on the job!

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Splicer Features:

  • Highly portable
  • 40-second tube heater
  • Dual camera inspection
  • Auto arc calibration
  • 3.5" dual direction monitor
  • 30 mph wind protector
  • Single or 4-fiber versions available


  • Number of Fiber: Single fiber (FSM-11S) / up to 4-fiber ribbon (FSM-11R)
  • Cladding Diameter: 125μm
  • Coating Diameter: 250μm and 900μm
  • Typical Average Splice Loss: SMF = 0.05dB / MMF = 0.02dB
  • Splicing Time: FSM-11R (20 seconds) / FSM-11S (11 seconds)
  • Arc Calibration Method: Automatic and manual methods
  • Splicing Modes: (40) Auto SM / NZ / DS Auto MM SM, MM, NZ-DSF, DSF
  • Splice Loss Estimate: Based on dual camera inspection
  • Monitor: 3.5", adjustable monitor angle (front or top selectable)
  • Tube Heating Time: 40 seconds
  • Number of Splice / Heat with Battery: 30
  • Power Supply: AC, DC, Battery
  • Terminals: USB
  • Wind Protection: 30 mph
  • Dimensions: 110W x 80D x 100H (mm) / 4.33W x 3.14D x 3.94H (inches)
  • Weight with Battery: 0.80kg / 1.76 lbs.

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